3/15/09 6:51 PM

Akademi Fantasia – Do They Have What It Takes?

Hi, Every One...:D

What was your comment about the AF concert last night?

who did the best performance?

who was take your breath away?

Who look shining?

Who look stunning?

No One? (:) biasala 1st konsert kan...)

For me last night the best performance will goes to Hafiz, with a good vocal and right song that he choose, absolutely he carried that song with all his hearts. He looks confident and so in to the song. (Adlin pun Suka Dia :D) In other way, for a woman i choose Isma, with a 5 kidz maybe its a little too late for her to enter to the world of popularity and glamor but i still impress with her voice which is refer to Dato' K 'her vocal is good and the best performance ever for the 1st Concert in AF.. I think her past xperience will help her a lots in this competition.

Secondly, the bad show goes to Nas Adilla - with her experience as an artist b4 and wt 2 album that already publish she not suppose to do that mistake. She's really gedik and mengada. (I dont even know y the judges choose her from the beginning) I hope she can fix it wt the chance has been given to her untill next week.. if not im bet she will b the first voted out for this season. Meanwhile the enegetic n overacting goes to ARIL (maaflah kpd peminat ARIL).. Apparently i like him for the 'Jambu' Face he got but when i saw his charecter in a diaries. He's bit overacting, yes its tru he got a good confident but its overeact. Lebih-lebih lagi bila kena puji.. Suka semacam jer.. Macam RIZ AF 6 pulak aku tengok. Watever I hope he can control it supaya peminat x menyampah dan meluat nanti dengan sikap dia.

Thirdly, pemilihan for jury this time is a bit different which is realy good. What important is Adlin there. Walaupun aku agak menyampah dengan ulang tayang cincin pertunangannya tu.. tapi x perlah.. just give him a chance for his engagement day. I like ADLIN because he does a good job. all his comment tu sangat bagus dan membina. Jarang sangat comment dia nampak dull. Dato' K pulak just nice, lembut dan penuh dengan tunjuk ajar. For Edry I dont know about him so much. but for me to put Edry there its too bias coz some of the student had been picked up by him. But anyway he's not bad with all the experience yang dia ada - dia layak berada di kerusi itu :).

Overall concert this time not as "BOOM" as per publicity has been given to the public and fans. I dont know wat transformation that they done so far. Just put a few people inside the stage which is alredy ketinggalan zaman, than clip student yg mberikan spetah 2 kata b4 performance which has been done by Malaysian Idol and OIAM sama juga dengan kedudukan Juri. I want to see more n of course fans out there too. We wanna to see the different. Arrangement music semalampun x sebagus masa Pengetua Ramli MS dulu. Suara Student asyik tenggelam timbul dalam bunyi musik yang membingitkan. Lighting yang agak malap mmbuatkan malam konsert tu look more slow dan suram. Apa-apapun we still have to give them a chance and i still want to see wat gonna happen next week. For sure Principal TIARA have to workhard and put more effort to think how to make it differents as she's the first woman principal had been chosen to take this job. She should do the transformasi secanggih transformer yang ada MEGAN FOX tu...:D and she should give more.

Sekian Terima Kasih.

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ekino Says:
March 16, 2009 at 5:45 PM

btul tu..
sore pelajar tu kira ok la bg ekino..
tp dia punya stage,lighting,..cm ada yg tak kene..
tak besh r!